Jianguo Qu Origincell Techonology Group Co., Ltd. Chairman
Shanghai Shenhua holdings Co., Ltd. Founder
Canature Environmental Products Co., Ltd. Founder
Jianguo Public Foundation President
Nature & Health Foundation President




Cell Healthy Sure We Are!

Cell Young So We Are!

Cell Comfortable How Longevous We Are!

Between 1973-1986, Mr. Jianguo Qu started his business ventures, and leads the villagers get rid of poverty as head officer of the town.

From 1987-2000 he started up Shenhua Holding and develop the company become 5th listing company ranked by market value (List number 600653) and One of eighth China’s first listed company.

From  2001 till now, establish Canature Group (List number 300272), one of first listed company in residential water treatment industry.

In July 2014 set up Origincell, start his forth time of Entrepreneurial journey.

Mr. Jianguo Qu is a philanthropist, whom founded China's first private foundation, and founded two foundations: Jianguo Public Foundation and Nature & Health Foundation.